Australian publishers have saved tens of millions of dollars across their newspaper distribution by migrating to iDeliver
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"By adopting iDeliver as their national delivery platform, News Corp Australia transitioned from over 500 small distributors in the Sydney metropolitan area, to just ONE distribution company."

With consolidated Publishers' data, iDeliver made it easy for News Corp to go from multiple distributors to just ONE.iDeliver now processes over 2 Million Publications per week across Sydney and Melbourne.It is the national platform of choice for News Corp and Nine Media.

Cut Costs

Manage one distributor not 100s and reduce costs by up to 50%.

Work Smarter

Efficiently track, manage and analyse with accurate data at every step.

Save Time

Reduce and merge your daily operation schedule with automated tasks.

How it works

Fetch, Analyse, Process

iDeliver provides the most complete and accurate data every day for your newspaper distribution run - resulting in low delivery defects, reduced returns processing and instances of sellouts.

iDeliver handles all delivery and sales data of the distributing agents and their subagents. It consolidates and reconciles all subscribers and subscriptions; automates the returns process (via a subagent portal) and forecasts supply based on real sales data.

The result

  • Colour-coded Runsheets
  • Managed Daily Supplies Returns
  • Auto-populate Retail Supply
  • Reconciled Subscribers
  • Automated Invoicing
  • Data Reports
  • Subagent Logins
  • Automated Returns

Developed by the people who use it

Established in July 2007, iDeliver has a unique advantage of having been developed by the people that use it. We understand the new challenges and obstacles which are continuously arising due to the rapid advancement in technology and unstable business environment – these challenges can only be tackled with an efficient and effective industry standard IT system.

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