iDeliver can transform your newspaper delivery business into a comprehensive logistics and distribution solution

iDeliver can transform your newspaper delivery business into a comprehensive logistics and distribution solution

Cost-savings of up to 50%

Do you have multiple drivers going to the same address every day, delivering different publications? These costs can now be consolidated into the one run and one driver, amortising the costs across publishers – providing distribution cost-savings of up to 50%.

One optimised runsheet

iDeliver is an online tool with the capability for multiple APIs. It specialises in integrating with systems like Naviga (Newscycle) and allowing multiple product sources to be consolidated and refined into one optimised runsheet.

iDeliver saves time and money

iDeliver automates almost every task associated with newspaper delivery. It provides the most complete and accurate data every day for your newspaper distribution run. This accurate data, in an easy-to-read format, will reduce your defect deliveries and thus reduce the downtime in processing customer enquiries.

Reduce Sell-Outs and Returns

With an immediate increase in newspaper sales.

Complete Subagent Transparency

Know where and how many of your papers are being delivered.

Financial Management

Allows delivery agents to effectively manage and invoice their customers.

Accurate Data

Processes runs straight off RDL and rectifies incorrect address data. Processes supplies from the Draw export.

Reduce Administration

Subagent portal reduces significant admin for delivery agents. Feature-rich software significantly reduces admin for publishers and delivery agents.

Merge Hand-Backs / Consolidate Territories

Smooth and quick transition for consolidation, in particular, hand-backs.

Real-Time Demand Forecasting, Automatically Upload Returns, Comprehensive Reporting... and more!

iDeliver is designed for everyone


Customised App dashboards give publishers access to a range of comprehensive real-time delivery data for in-depth analysis.

Suppliers and Distributors

Load deliveries from third-party systems. Wholesale invoice and payment for reseller businesses. Optional new retailer ordering portal.


Single unified ordering platform. Enter returns and adjust future needs. Invoice and account features.


Integrated distributor runsheets. Display next delivery address automatically. Google Maps directions and smart routing. Record proof-of-delivery directly within the mobile app.