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Claude Morello


Claude Morello is the founder and director of National Distribution Services Pty Ltd (NDS), a logistics company with over 600 drivers on the road every day delivering over 2,000,000 newspapers every week for major publishers and over 100,000 parcels per week for Australia Post.

He brings to the table strong commercial acumen in both logistics and software, combined with a successful entrepreneurial spirit.

Claude has over 15 years of extensive experience in developing solution based software systems – iDeliver, iDriver and iComply offer a suite of programs designed to run international logistics businesses.

Claude is a highly skilled negotiator structuring and inking deals with blue-chip companies, including News Corp, Fairfax Media, Nine Media and Australia Post amongst others – achieving a strong track record of building win-win, highly profitable, long-standing business partnerships.

Simon Cusack


With over 30 years experience designing and building all manner of software. From hacking on an Apple II with a measly 48k of RAM through to controlling the modern behemoths that stalk the clouds Simon is experienced in all facets of software development.

Currently designing solutions and managing teams for the demands of iConcept he still has time to get his hands dirty and implement unique and efficient solutions for the real world challenges faced by logistics companies.

Well versed in old school and modern development practices, he likes nothing better than solving a difficult problem with an elegant and efficient solution.

Cameron Mullenger

Managing Director

Cameron Mullenger is a visionary leader at the helm of National Distribution Services (NDS), a nationwide leader in the transport and logistics industry in Australia. With over three decades of experience in this dynamic Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) field, Cameron has not only steered the company to unparalleled success but has also left an indelible mark on the industry itself.

He embraces a passion for efficiency, productivity, and innovation in the world of FMCG. He actively engages with industry associations and forums, sharing his expertise and insights to shape the future of logistics as per his passion for transportation and logistics.

Sandeep Saini

General Manager

Over 10 years experience in the newspaper delivery business. Integral role in the development of iDeliver and has an in-depth understanding of integrating iDeliver into a profitable operating system.

Jason Yang

Data Analyst

Jason is a passionate and results-driven Data Analyst with a keen eye for turning raw data into actionable insights. A highly skilled and qualified individual in Statistics and a Master’s in Data Science, he possesses a solid foundation in statistical analysis and data manipulation.

Jason’s ability to extract meaningful information from complex datasets, identifying trends by providing data-driven solutions that optimize business processes and enhance overall performance. His proficiency in programming languages, coupled with his expertise in data visualization tools, allows him to transform data into visually compelling reports and dashboards that drive informed decision-making.

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