Consolidation and Naviga Integration

In 2013 News Corp and other major Australian publishers set about exploring new consolidated models of distribution to save on the enormous costs and inefficiencies of newspaper delivery. Throughout history, multiple drivers delivering competitors’ products to the same house and/or street was in effect doubling and/or tripling the cost of newspaper distribution – for a declining newspaper industry.

The model of consolidation eventually came to successful fruition in 2019, with the introduction and adoption of iDeliver as the national SaaS delivery platform.

The power of iDeliver was it’s ability to allow multiple publishers to consolidate their products onto the one delivery network, in effect, rationalising distribution to the most efficient number of distributors. IDeliver was able to do this by integrating with legacy publisher distribution platforms such as Naviga (Newscycle) amongst others.

The News Corp Story

In late 2018, News Corp and Nine Media (Fairfax Media) combined their data through iDeliver to create the first ever tender document for the total newspaper distribution of a metropolitan city – Sydney, Australia.

The publishers gave 6 months termination notice to over 500 small delivery agents. It was history in the making, disrupting a one-hundred-year-old delivery network.

Previously, the publishers were paying delivery and sales fees to distributors based on a commission of the cover price. By combining their data into a singular platform, both entities were able to renegotiate a flat delivery fee with the winning tender.

This alone saved the publishers tens of millions of dollars in the first year alone. The back-office savings were also significant, now dealing with one distributor rather than 500.

iDeliver also provided real-time vision on the newspaper delivery cycle never seen before by the publishers. This created an environment for better customer service outcomes, leaner printing excess and ensuring every newspaper was reconciled and paid for correctly eliminating incumbent losses from the previous delivery network.

iDeliver, through its integration with Naviga (Newscycle) systems allowed multiple publishers to consolidate their publications into the one delivery platform. This was a critical step and allowed the appointment of single distributor to take on newspaper delivery on a grand scale. The consolidation was a huge success and quickly rolled out to Brisbane and Melbourne, with a view to get consolidate every major city in the near future.

Today iDeliver processes almost 2 million newspapers per week across retail and home delivery networks.iDeliver processes more News Corp publications than anywhere else in the world.

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